Tech 21 Landmark 120 Bass Amp 120W





This user-friendly, highly adaptable powerhouse is the EZ Pass to awesome bass tone in any situation. Styled after the acclaimed SansAmp Bass Driver DI pedal, the Landmark 120 boasts a simple control layout with active EQ, Presence to control definition and upper harmonic content, and Drive to push the amp into fat, formidable overdrive. A Blend control mixes your direct signal with the SansAmp signal for dense, detailed tone. The 120-watt output is easily handled by a custom-designed Eminence® 15” speaker, which uses a costly Neodymium magnet for high efficiency, ultra low weight and unbelievably fast attack. The buff Landmark 120 has the muscle for a stage rig and the finesse for studio tracking, courtesy of the proprietary SansAmp technology.